How to Clean your Cutting Mat

Posted by Summer Wright on

Cutting mats are awesome, but I've found fleece to get stuck in them more than most other fabrics. Here's how to get (most of) it out, and keep your cutting mat looking great.

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I'm sure most of you who sew frequently have a cutting mat and a rotary blade. If you don't, I highly recommend them. It's makes a world of difference from using just scissors, especially for larger and complicated items. I use this one, which is a bit larger than the standard sizes(30"x42"), so it fits almost perfectly on my table.

One thing that took me embarrassingly long to find out, was how to really clean a cutting mat. After google searching, I found so many different answers. Wet cloths, dish scrubbers, soaking in warm water with soap and vinegar. None of it works for me. Finally though, I tried the simplest solution I found on one of the websites.

The secret was: Erasers!

Using an eraser is basically the only thing that has helped clean my mats, and now I religiously do a quick clean on it each night. It's really easy and gets most of the fuzz out. You don't need a special one, just a regular pink eraser from the store. You could technically use the end of a pencil as well, but I imagine that would take quite a while lol.






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