How to make a Fringe Stocking Pouch

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Stocking Pouches are a great addition to your cages for the holiday season! This is a tutorial on how to make your own. The pouch on the inside of these only goes about halfway so your pets won't be able to hide in the toe of the stocking. 

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Supplies needed:

-Sewing Machine(here's the one I use)
-Rotary Cutter or Scissors
*Fabric pen or chalk to mark cut lines
*Pins or clips
*C-Links to hang items
*Stocking Pouch Template

*Optional supplies

Fabric Needed:

  • One 20" x 10" rectangle for inner pouch
  • Two 8" x 6" rectangles for fringe
  • 1/2 yard of fleece to cut out stocking shapes
  • One or two 1" x 4" fleece strips for hanging tabs

Or, get a DIY Kit with all the fleece you'll need here:

If you don't know which side of fleece is the 'right' side, hold the fabric so it stretches across, then pull slightly. The edges of the fabric will curl towards the 'wrong' side.

Step One:

First, you'll need to cut out your stocking shapes. You can use a homemade template, a template from my shop, or a regular stocking. The stocking shapes need to be 10" wide at the top, and about 17" long. You'll need to cut out two layers of fleece with your template.

Note: After you cut out the first pieces, flip your template the other way to cut out the second piece. This way, you can put the right sides together.


Step two:

Gather all of your pieces, and lay the two stocking shapes on top of each other, right sides facing together.

Step three:

First, we'll sew the pouch layer. Fold your 10" x 20" piece in half, and sew the sides together, leaving the top open.

Step four:

Spread out the bottom edge of one corner into a triangle, with the seam you just sewed in the middle of it. Sew across the corner like shown in the picture below, about 1.5" from the tip of the triangle or so. Trim off the excess after sewing, and repeat on the other side.

 This is how it should look now. 


Step five:

Flip your pouch layer so that the right sides are now facing out.

Step six:

This is where it starts getting a bit more complicated, so feel free to message me if anything seems unclear. Start sewing your stocking shapes together, starting at the bottom(this is where the turning hole will be). Sew from the bottom up to the top of the side, but don't sew the top edges together!



Step seven:


Repeat step six on other side, and make sure to leave the gap at the bottom of the stocking.


Step eight:

Place your pouch layer inside the stocking layer, and line up the edges.


Step nine:

Place your fringe pieces in between the pouch and stocking layers, one in the front and one in the back. Line up the edges (trim down if necessary).

Note: Using clips or pins to secure your layers will make everything easier to sew together.


Step ten:

Sew the layers together all the way around the top, and make sure to add your hanging tab(or tabs, if you'd prefer to use two) at the edge between fringe pieces.

To make the tabs: Fold your strips in half to make them loops, then line up the open ends with the edge of where you're sewing.


Step eleven:

Flip the entire Stocking Pouch out through the turning hole at the bottom.


Step twelve:

Sew the turning hole closed, and line up your inner pouch back inside the stocking layer.


Step thirteen:

Cut your fringe, but be careful not to accidentally cut your hanging tab(s)! 

I hope this tutorial helped! Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know how you liked it, or if you have any additional questions!

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