What Cage Should I Get for my Sugar Glider??

Posted by Summer Wright on

I see many people asking about which cages are good, so here are some good cage links.

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Try checking out FB Marketplace and Craigslist for used cages at cheaper prices also. With any cage, make sure to get the ones with 1/2 inch or LESS bar space. It does not matter if the bars are horizontal or vertical, they have opposable thumbs and can climb easily either way. Make sure to secure any sliding feeder doors to prevent escapes.

UNBRANDED(If go for one with shelves and ladders, and remove all ladders and all but one shelf. If you get one with wooden perches, I'd suggest removing them as they may be made of unsafe wood. I’d suggest zip tying the small door as well.):

DCN/ALT(they often have good sales, so shop around for good prices, but stay away from the similar looking ‘prevue hendryx’ cages. They’re smaller, cheaply built, and have small doors. Ferret nation looks similar but the bar spacing is too large, so make sure to get the critter nation.):
TEMP/TRAVEL CAGES(These are good for either emergencies, travel, or both).



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