What diets are good for sugar gliders?

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Staple Diets and Safe/Unsafe Foods

Staple Diets
Here are some of the staple diets we recommend, along with a brief description. Make sure to use the vitamins/supplements that each diet calls for and don’t substitute them out with any others.
You can find all of these and other diets here: http://www.sugarglider.info/staple-diets/
  • TPG(The Pet Glider Diet): In this diet, everything is mixed together, and you shouldn’t feed anything on the side. Once everything is mixed, it’s portioned out and frozen. It requires vitamins that you can purchase on The Pet Glider website, but it’s flexible with the fruits and veggies you can use.
  • BML(Bourbon’s Modified Leadbeaters): In this diet, you should be able to find everything you need locally. BML is a strict diet, so you’ll need to use only the fruits and veggies listed on the website, and make sure to get the correct brand calcium. The BML mix itself is frozen, but the fruits/veggies can be fed fresh or frozen.
  • OHPW(Original High Protein Wombaroo Diet): Like the diet above, the main mix is frozen and fed alongside fresh or frozen fruits and veggies. What fruits/veggies you can use is more flexible. This diet uses Wombaroo High Protein Supplement(WHPS), which you’ll need to order online.
  • GOHPW(Green Original HPW Diet): This is the lower sugar version of OHPW. It freezes more solidly than OHPW, so it’s better to portion it out into ice cubes first. This diet uses Wombaroo High Protein Supplement(WHPS), which you’ll need to order online.
  • SGS2(Sugar Glider Shop Diet Plan II): This diet is popular in the UK. Everything is mixed together and frozen similarly to TPG, though it uses different ingredients. It’s flexible with which fruits/veggies you use. Like OHPW/GOHPW, you’ll need the Wombaroo High Protein Supplement(WHPS), which you’ll need to order online.
Treats/Safe Foods
It’s a much shorter list to list the unsafe foods than it is the safe. Here’s a link to a lot(but not all) SAFE foods: http://www.sugarglider.info/diet/safe-foods/

With any of the diets, treats and cheat nights are fine, in moderation. Be sure not to go overboard with the treats or they might ignore their dinner.

Unsafe Foods
This isn’t a complete list, but it covers most of the big no-nos. I’d suggest using caution with anything new, and research if you’re not sure.
  • Chocolate
  • Rhubard
  • Onions
  • Leeks
  • Garlic
  • Raw Lima Beans(Cooked lima beans are safe, and if you buy them frozen, they’ve been blanched so they’re safe as well)
  • Seeds/Pits(seeds that we eat are fine, like strawberry/pumpkin/kiwi seeds)
  • Wild Insects(may be contaminated with pesticides, etc)
  • Crickets(not recommended, due to risk of aflatoxins)
  • Canned foods(typically contain excess salt and other unhealthy ingredients)
  • Junk food, anything excessively sugary/salty, things with seasoning, etc.




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