Shipping and payments

When will my cage set/cage piece arrive?

Standard processing time is currently 2-3 weeks. I offer rush orders as well, which will ship within 5-7 business days. This may vary slightly depending on the amount of orders I currently have. Feel free to message me for updates on when your order may be completed. Once shipped, it should arrive within the next 3-6 business days, depending on USPS. I am not responsible for lost, stolen, or delayed packages, though I will do my best to help in any of those situations.


Do you ship internationally?

I do in my Etsy shop, which you can find here.


Do you accept wire transfers, money orders, checks, etc?

No, sorry.

I ordered multiple pieces and I think I was charged too much for shipping!

Don't worry, I'll be sure to refund any shipping overages.

Can you reserve a set for me and let me pay later?

Sorry, I can't do that.


Customization and Color Choices

Can I get a different print than what you have available?

Yes, though it will cost extra. The extra fee will be equal to the cost of the fabric. It must be fleece, and I prefer buying through Joann if possible.

If I choose a print you have available, is it guaranteed?

Unfortunately, due to the different size sets I offer and different amounts of fabric I have, it's very difficult to know at any given moment how much I have and how many more sets I can complete with each print. I try to update my pictures as soon as I realize I won't have enough, but sometimes I don't notice quickly enough. Because of this, I cannot guarantee your color requests unless it is a custom print I ordered specifically for you.


Can I get a set with different pieces/different number or pieces?

Yup! I can do all sizes and combinations of different sets, just contact me here and let me know.


I have a larger pet, like ferrets/guinea pigs/chunky gliders, can I get my pouches a bit larger?

Of course! Just let me know in the notes during checkout.


How often do you get new prints/colors?

I don't have a set time when I order new prints, but I will send out emails to subscribers and post on Facebook when I get new ones. Just subscribe or join my Facebook group to get notified.


Cage Set Care and Safety

Are your cage sets safe for my sugar gliders(or other small pets)?

Absolutely! All cage pieces are double layered with hidden seams and tight stitches. All loose thread is cut, and the closing stitches are small and tight. My items are made with good quality anti-pill or blizzard fleece as well. I have also had my items tested and approved by veteran vendors of sugar glider accessories. I take all steps to ensure my items are safe for your gliders or other small pets.


How should I wash my cage set?

I'd suggest washing in cold water with unscented detergent, and/or a cup of vinegar.
You could also use a tablespoon or so of Chlorhexidine 2% solution, which is what I personally use. It's what many vets use to clean dog kennels, it kills bacteria very well and doesn't leave a scent behind.

Don't use any fabric softeners. The fabric softener will prevent your fleece from properly wicking the moisture away from the surface of the fabric.

Tumble dry low


Help! My pets nails are getting caught in the fabric!

This is likely happening because your pets nails are too long or sharp. Clipping or filing nails often and properly is very important and will help prevent this.


How long will my cage set last?

While my cage sets are made to last, it depends a lot on how your pets. Some pets like to chew more than others, and you should frequently check your set for holes or tears(especially pouches). Washing and drying properly will also help your set last longer.


Should I wash my cage set before use?

Yes, you should always wash any items before putting them in with your pets. I'm not able to prewash the fleece, but cotton and flannel is prewashed before sewing to prevent shrinkage.