Custom Midwest and C&C Cage Liners

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Reversible Cage Liner with 2 layers of fleece and an absorbent layer in between. Print on one side, matching solid on the other. All liners come with a free matching 7" x 7" absorbent water bottle pad. 


Sizing Notes:

Be sure to measure your cage before ordering, as not all cages are made the same! I add approx. 2-3 inches on both sides in case of shrinkage, so they will be just a bit larger than the stated measurements. Some liners, especially larger ones, will be made with 2 or more separate pieces sewn together. The print/design may not match up exactly where these pieces are sewn together. If this will be a problem please message me before ordering to see if I can make it in one consecutive cut.


Fleece Liner Benefits:

Fleece is a great alternative to paper bedding! It is less expensive since you won't need to buy more often, and it's easy to clean! It gives your pet a soft, flat place to walk, and helps cut down on smell. With the absorbent middle layer included, you don't need to use anything extra under it either. Our liners aren't as heavy and thick as other liners, as they're made with a thinner, light-weight absorbent layer instead of furniture pads. 


Care Instructions & Tips:

-Wash before use. Wash with cold water, regular detergent and about a cup of white vinegar. Dry on low heat or hang to dry. Do not use dryer sheets or fabric softener.

-Clean off poops and old food/hay daily or as needed. Using a small broom and dustpan, or a handheld vacuum makes this easy!

-Wash every 4-7 days,or as needed.First, remove as much poop, food debris, and hair as you can. You can do this by brushing them off, shaking them outside, or soaking them in warm water.

-Try using a separate liner in high traffic areas, like kitchen areas. This will help especially if you find yourself changing the whole liner even though only one side or area is dirty. With separate liners, you can change it out when needed without needing to clean the entire cage as much.


*Made in a pet friendly home, with dogs, sugar gliders, and guinea pigs. A potential risk exists with the use of any fabric in pet products. All items are made with double layered fleece(unless stated otherwise) and have hidden seams where possible. Nails can get caught or stuck in the fabric. Risk can be reduced by maintaining proper nail manicures. *

If you want me to pick for you, type 'any' in the required field. Each set will come with a complementary solid color. If there's a specific one you'd like, please let me know in the order notes.

*Color requests are not guaranteed, as there's no way I'll know for sure if I'll have enough until I get to your order. Message me if you want a print I don't have pictured here. Pictures with completed sets are only examples, and the prints/solids with them may not be available.*

Proccessing time is currently 6-8 weeks, not inlcuding ship time.

While I am unable to replace stolen packages or those lost in transit for free, each package is insured by USPS and I will do my best to make sure you receive your order. Please message me if you have any issues with shipping/delivery.

*Based on the volume of orders I currently have, processing times may be slightly shorter or longer than those stated. Also, if you order more than one set, please expect a slightly longer processing time.



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